Sunday, April 19, 2009

Design Day

Design plan for Create an Opera – St Mark’s School with Anne Barber
Tuesday April 21

Hi Everyone,

Here is the plan for Tuesday.
I will start each class with a brief Q and A on the students’ ideas and a design approach, then show maquettes of each element, discuss and demonstrate the techniques needed and get them started.
If there could be enough tools for the students (scissors, knives, tape, etc) that would be great, much of the rest can be found easily. If anyone has trouble getting enough materials before Tuesday please let me know by emailing me or calling 416 898 0946. I can pick up most things other than large items like cardboard. Also if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas please email me at

The list for each class are what I would love to have if possible for this first class but assumes that you will be able to carry on to complete at a later date which may require additional materials.

Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday


Ms. Melanie Moore's grade 7 class - 9:00 - 9:50am

School of Freaks

1 A Giant Meteor – sphere made from cardboard slotted together (could be decorated with found materials
2 Half masks for the Zombies with fabric hair
3 Half masks for the Vampires with sculpted faces

MATERIALS: Bristol Board (1/2 a piece per student making a mask), masking tape (several rolls), fabric scraps (could also be tissue paper), large pieces of cardboard, staplers, craft knives, found materials for decor

Mr. Rob Scicluna's grade 8 class - 10:15 -11:30

Social Soldiers
• Bandannas for the Child Soldiers – Stencil logos on cloth, also print on strips of cloth for bullet belts

• Child Labourers – video game consoles, tools (2D or bas relief), chains

Bonfire – slotted cardboard bonfire with sculpted flames
Mugs as if for hot chocolate , become begging bowls

MATERIALS: Fabric, Bristol Board, masking tape, cardboard (from regular-sized boxes is fine), tissue paper, white glue, paint, brushes etc. masking tape, staplers, interesting found materials

Mr. John Kennedy's grade 7/8 class - 12:40 - 1:45
Romantic Conflict each group has their own colour scheme, could be a tie, hair ribbon, or bigger piece of clothing. Plus additional props, especially school logos

1 Jocks & Cheerleaders – create a logo and stencil and layered pin on patches
2 Artsy Kids - Some kind of headgear i.e. a beret or colourful scarf – create a pattern and stencil for fabric patches and scarves
3 Nerds – Ties (in one colour), glasses, a book
4 Popular Kids – props in their colour – cell phones, jewelery, etc

MATERIALS: Tissue paper, cardboard (from regular boxes), Bristol Board, paint, fabric in 4 main colours (could be old clothing, preferably that could be cut up) , masking tape, staplers, glue guns would be good if possible, found materials for decor

Ms. Becky Sappong's class - 1:55 - 2:55

• Bus front – cardboard cut out with collaged décor
• Props and colour scheme for each character groups – skateboards, luggage etc,

MATERIALS: cardboard (from regular boxes), Bristol Board, paint, masking tape, glue guns, brown kraft paper, white glue, found materials for décor, old clothes

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