Monday, April 27, 2009

Design Day - WOW!

I just wanted to update you on the design elements for St Marks, sorry it is a little behind, I just haven’t had a moment to do it.
All in all it was a great day. I felt very welcomed by staff and students and even though the time was short we made a good start. They had a fairly good supply of materials, especially big pieces of cardboard, which was great, and everyone seemed willing to get their costume pieces and other props together.

I hope everyone feels confident with how to proceed but if they need I would happily correspond with anyone who would like any extra input with what we began. Several of the classes decided to continue making for the rest of the day which meant that they really got a lot accomplished.

So here is a breakdown of what we did

Good luck with it all.


Melanie Moore's grade 7 class 
Ms Moore was away ... so I hope the students remember well enough how to proceed. The class started on the half masks and need to completely cover them in masking tape, making sure it is well pressed down and smooth, then paint, add hair etc and an elastic or string to hold them on. I suggested that the vampires have more geometric features and the zombies have rounder ones. They should also have a colour scheme for them to differentiate the two groups. They also began the work on the meteor which is made from sections of cardboard in a sphere to which they can attach things, join the sections with paper, cloth etc if they want to cover the gaps.

Rob Scicluna's grade 8 class 
Child Soldiers – they had a great idea of making barbed wire and need to paint it
Child Labourers – they started on the oversized video game consoles, and hammers
Bonfire – they got a long way with this

John Kennedy's grade 7/8 class 
We identified each group by colour and object and they all started making those items
Jocks & Cheerleaders – created a logo in different sizes to put onto hats and clothes (anything they can), they also made pom-poms, their colour scheme is light and dark blue
Artsy Kids – they will be more patterned in clothing, they made oversized paintbrushes, they need to cover them in tape and paint
Nerds – made glasses, (one made a bow-tie) and are in the brown/beige range
Popular Kids – red and pinks, made oversized props in their colour 

Becky Sappong's class
Bus front – we got started on the cardboard cut-out with collaged décor and it identified much of the rest of the staging for their opera
They also made the coffin and started on hats for the driver, cops etc.

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