Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sappong libretto - Act 3

Okay, here is Act 3...

Act 3; Skateboarders

(Mr. Louis sings welcome to my bus song)
(Skateboarders walk on eating)

Allen: Get off the bus, you criminals! I saw you steal that food! They probably stole those skateboards too!
Matzsuzaki: No way! We bought these skateboards to give to the poor kids who can’t afford to buy them.
Patricia: There was a liquor store robbery last week, it was probably you guys!
Hayley: What makes you think is was us? You have no proof!
Allen: You guys are thugs on the street. You guys are the reason our streets aren’t safe.

Song (Skateboarders Sing):
Take away the clothes and the shoes We’re misunderstood
And then you’ll see we are pretty cool dudes We’re actually good
If you look inside, you will see that we’re kind These boards are for kids to have fun
People these days are judged all the time To get them out of the slums

There’s so much pressure to conform and be (only Larry: ) Taken away from my family
There’s so much we can’t breathe properly I started to skate so I could be free
You see our clothes you don’t like what you see (together: ) There’s so many problems today
So you accuse us of a store robbery That kids can’t afford to buy a skateboard and play

(Police come in bus)
Police 1: Why hello, we’re just on our break
Police 2: Isn’t there a doughnut shop nearby?!
Police 1: That doesn’t matter right now… although I do like doughnuts…

(Police see skateboarders) (Background starts)
Police 1: Hey you! You skaters! Get down! Now!

(Police tackle skaters) (Background stops)

Matzsuzaki: Hey? What’s the big idea?!
Police 2: Well, you are skaters, you have to be up to something!

(Skaters stand up)

Hayley: No, wait! We’re good! We’re running a charity to raise money to get skateboards to kids! Look!
Police 1: Hey! Don’t you take out any weapons!

(Police take out guns)

Mr. Louis: (Recit.) No! Don’t shoot those children, shoot me instead!! Noooooo!

(Louis dives in front of Hayley) (Police shoot, not being able to adjust to the scene)

Police 2: Oops.
Larry: (Mini Aria) I thought I was done with deaths in my life. I guess I was wrong. (starts crying)

(Flyer falls out of Hayley’s Hand) (Skater’s drop to knees around Mr. Louis)
(Police 1 sees flyer-picks it up)

Police 1: I guess we were wrong about these kids after all… sorry… our bad… (Calls ambulance)

Lights Fade, End Of Scene

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