Saturday, April 25, 2009

Onstage Rehearsals

This past Thursday was a very productive day. I'm very pleased with how well the Operas are progressing. Melanie, sorry to hear about your husband's accident. I hope the surgery went well. Thank you Becky for taking on helping to keep Melanie's class on track in terms of casting, etc.

I just wanted to review/confirm a couple of scheduling details and please correct me if I have any of them wrong.
  • Tuesday April 28 - Rehearsals will all be held on the stage
  • Tuesday May 5 - We will run through each of the Operas onstage in the morning. There will then be a Dress Rehearsal in front of the rest of the school in the afternoon. The students will then be presenting the Operas to parents and family members in the evening.

For the rehearsals on Tuesday, it would also be useful to have any of the big props (desks, chairs, etc) set up onstage. This will help to give us a clear idea of how much space is available.

Once again - excellent work everyone!


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