Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sappong libretto - Act 2

Okay here is the second act...

Act Two
(Bus door opens, family steps in.)
Mr. Louis: Welcome to the bus.
(Family sits down, speaking talking with each other in polish. English family moves away and starts to stare and whisper.)

Polish Mother: Dla czego wszycy pascza sie Na nas.
Na autobusie to jest nasz pierwsy ras

English Family: Hey family, why are you stealing our jobs?
You belong on the streets with all the dirty dogs.

Polish Kids: We are not stupid we know what you said.
We are not imbeciles, but Polish instead.
Although our parents don’t understand,
They were doctors back in the homeland.
(Music gets tenser by the line.)
(Kids whisper to parents) (Parents look shocked and upset)

Polish Dad: Wiesz co, wy—

Mr. Louis: Whoa! What’s going on?! (Bus is already pulled over)

Polish Kids: (Pointing at the English family accusingly) They are being mean!

Mr. Louis: These people aren’t dumb, they are greatly educated!

English Family: We don’t care, these people are idiotic and badly mannered!
(Both dad’s get up in slow motion)
(Music is slowed)
(English dad punches and [Fast motion] Mr. Louis blocks the punch.)
(English family leaves the bus with sneers and obnoxious expressions on their faces.)

All Passengers: We apologize for what had just occurred,
They don’t understand, that’s why they’re disturbed.
We hope that these people will learn better one day.

Mr. Louis: I’ll give you a gift that will help you on your way.
A Polish- English dictionary is just what you need,
You’ll soon be able to write and then read!

Polish Kids: Thank you so much, we hope to meet you again!
(Mr Louis gives them their gifts.)
(Curtain closes)


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