Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ms. Sappong's Opera - Act 1


Here is our Libretto...we still need the beginning and the ending.

Act 1 Loner: Script and Song underline - recitative/underscore etc.

(Ladies on bus casually talking)

Peacock lady says, “Oh, that’s such a nice purse! Where did you get it?”
Lady 2 gloats, “Oh, this old thing? I bought this yesterday at Coach. Where did you get those heels?”
Lady 3 answers, “These are just something I had lying around… that I had designed by Chanel.”

(George the loner drags himself up the bus stairs; stumbling. He goes to sit in the middle and the ladies start whispering negative comments about him.)

Chorus: Get off the bus! You’re not like us

Lady 1: You can’t afford this (point at something)
Lady 2: You can’t afford that (point at something)
Chorus: You can’t afford this Gucci hat (point at rich lady)

Lady 3: Your smell fills us with dread (pinching nose)
Peacock lady: You can’t even afford a roof over your head

Chorus: Get off the bus! You’re not like us!

Mr. Louis (yelling): Hey! (Music stops)

Chorus: (softly, then crescendo music starts again)
He has no job, he has no friends.
When he gets off the bus, he’ll make amends.

Peacock: (yells) Just get off the bus

Chorus: (decrescendo chanting)
Get off the bus! You’re not like us, Get off the bus, you’re not like us…
(music abruptly stops)

(The ladies move to the back of the bus, covering their noses; except the peacock lady. lady 1 and 3 hide their purses)

Lady 1 swiftly whispers “Maria, hide your purse!”
Peacock lady yells, “Bus driver! Kick him off the bus! He smells so bad! Get him off or I’m leaving!” (Talking over underscore)
Mr Louis replies “there’s nothing wrong with him. It’s a free country. Leave if you want.” (Recitative) (Peacock lady leaves in a stuck-up manner, when “bus” stops)

Mr. Louis: “Come sit beside me.” (Spot light goes on as others reset stage) George: (moves to front of bus) “thanks, I guess you’re wondering how I ended up like this.”
Mr. Louis: a little, yes. (Mr. Louis& George walk offstage on stairs as spotlight follows them. Stage is dark as it is being re-set. Lights go on actors act on stage)
George: My parents died when I was three. It was really hard on me, and my bad attitude moved me from foster home to foster home. I was kicked out at 18: I had no job, no education and no future. I dropped out of high school. Then I met Sally, and she was the love of my life. She died under mysterious circumstances and I was confused. I was accused of the murder. I was innocent & released 6 years later but it was too late. No one would hire me (lights go off & rearranged to bus scene) I lost everything; and now I have nothing (spotlight follows Mr. Louis & George back on stage lights on)
Mr. Louis: but when you have nothing, you can gain something. (Mr. Louis gives George his coat) Mr. Louis: Here; you can have this. It’s cold outside.
George: Thank you. It’s my stop, thanks again Mr. Louis. (George puts on coat and walks off bus)

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