Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Libretto Day!

Another great day the the St, Mark's CAO!

As you work on creating your librettos, keep in mind the different elements involved

CHORUS - the bigger songs where everyone sings. Particularly good for the moments of high emotion.

ARIA - A solo section or song

DUET - A section for two singers

DIALOGUE - Spoken words

UNDERSCORE - Music that is played under dialogue

MOVEMENT - sections of dance or choreographed movement, with or without music

STAGE DIRECTIONS - markings listed in brackets to tell actions.

And here's a list of everyone's CHORUSES/ARIAS/DUETS

Ms. Moore's Class

Just An Ordinary Day
Meteor Song
The Battle (Zombies vs. Vampires)

Mr. Scicluna's Class
Whiny Complaining Song
War Song
Labour Song
Poverty Song

Mr. Kennedy's Class
Mocking Song
Shock and Dismay
We did what we wanted/What did we do?

Ms. Sappong's Class
Funeral for Mr. Louis
Loner, get off the bus!
Disagreement Song
We're not so bad
FInale: Celebrating Mr. L


So for next week, get those solid one-page librettos ready to go. If ANYONE has musical ideas over the next week, we'll listen and work on them when I'm in solo next Tuesday.

Thanks everyone. Another great class.

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