Monday, April 6, 2009

SCENE 1 -- Opening

Stage Direction: Kids sit in their seat and start watching a moviePSA – Child Soldiers on large screen for audience to watch
Movie finishes, kids turn to each other and start talking

Song Lyrics: That movie was so pointless
I wasn’t even sad
Who cares about those in Africa
Their lives don’t seem so bad

Dialogue: Teacher: “Everyone quiet down!”
Teacher: “Do you see how fortunate we are to be here at school and to have a roof over our heads and have food in our fridge?
Student: So who cares, it’s just a stupid movie.

Song Lyrics: How can we make a diff’rence
You’re asking way too much
They are way too far away
We can’t get in touch

Dialogue: Teacher: “Stop being so selfish! You guys have everything!”

Stage Direction: Bell rings, kids start walking out of the classroom
As kids are walking out of the classroom they start singing

Song Lyrics:
Our minds are around one thing
An that thing is ourselves
Why should we care for them
They can help themselves

SCENE 2 - (Hockey Scene – Child Soldiers)

Stage Direction: group of kids playing hockey and talking)

Dialogue: “That movie was a waste of time.”
“Why should we care about child soldiers.”
“Africa is so far away.”
“They don’t have it that bad.”

Transition Phrase: “It would be cool to be in Africa and have a gun and stuff.”(convention)

Stage Direction: Everyone freezes (Tableau like).
People from off stage come and replace sticks with guns.
Take away nets (or make into barbed wire) .

Dialogue: “Grab your guns, you have your mission. It’s to check the battlefield for
bombs. There are no more kids from the last group, so you’re it!”

Song Lyrics: Boom, bang the noise is insane
The gun is heavy, the killing inhumane
14 years old is too young to die
Too much to witness before my eye

Dialogue: “Get going, stop standing around – who do think you are!!!”

Song Lyrics: Grabbed from safety and expected to fight
Not knowing if I’ll make it through the night
A child soldier’s life is not what it seems
It’s just cruel and bloody and down right mean

Stage Direction: While song is playing some war stuff in background (possible)

Dialogue: “Man I was wrong about what I said earlier”
“This is a terrible way to live.”
“I can’t believe we take what we have for granted.”

Transition Phrase: “Man I wish I was back in Canada.”

Stage Direction: Curtains close

SCENE 3 (Video Game Scene – Child Labour)

Stage Direction: There are a group of kids playing video games at a classmate’s house

Dialogue: “That movie was a waste of time.”
“I almost fell asleep during the movie.”
“It’s not our fault that there are sweatshops in Africa.”
“Why should we care about stuff that’s going on all the way in

Transition Phrase: “It would be cool to have a job at such a young age and make some money.”

Stage Direction: Everyone freezes.
The game consoles are taken away and all of a sudden they are in a sweatshop in Africa.Big Boss Man is walking by – angry, bitter, tyrant

Dialogue: “Do you think you’re getting paid to sit around. Well you’re not! Get to work, or I’ll have to resort to having you whipped. Who do think you are – important? Please keep dreaming.”

Song Lyrics: We were playing video games
Just having care free fun
But now if we don’t work
We’re threatened with a gun

I must work hard, sweat is dripping
If not quick enough, comes another whipping

Dialogue: “That’s it, you aren’t nearly working quick enough.” (ready to hit the kids)

Transition Phrase: “Man I wish we were back in Canada.”

SCENE 4 Camping song

Dialogue: “I hate it here out in the cold dark woods.”
“We have nothing to do or play with.”
“You think those kids in Africa have it bad”

Transition “It would be cool to go there were its nice, sunny and warm every day!”

Stage Direction: Everyone freezes, people come from off stage and remove all the food, drink and other accessories (image of having nothing).

Dialogue: “I’m so thirsty.”
“Where are the juice boxes we brought?”
(someone is walking by, students ask them)
“Can you tell me where I can get a drink?”
“The closest well is three miles away, and even if you get a drink it may make you sick.”

Song Lyrics: It is so very hot.
How did we end up here?
There’s nothing we can eat,
We’re only full of fear!

Our bones are aching,
from all this lack of sleep
There’s nowhere we can rest,
soon we will be six feet deep

Dialogue: “This place really does stink”
“Sure it’s nice to be warm but not this warm!”
“We don’t even have anything to drink or eat, and we we’re complaining at home of how our cool-aid tasted funny?”
“Guys I wish I was back in Canada, where we have, food, drinks, and a nice bed to sleep in!”

SCENE 4 Close

Stage Direction Curtains open, students are all back in the classroom (same class as in the first scene)
Lots of chatter, more excitement than in scene one.

Dialogue: Teacher: “Good morning students, I hope you thought about the movie from last class.”

Student raises their hand. ”You’ll think I’m crazy but a group of us were playing hockey and all of a sudden we became child soldiers.”

Another student, ”That’s not so crazy, we were playing a video game and all of a sudden we were in a sweatshop.”

Another student adds, ”We were sitting around a camp fire when all of a sudden we were sitting around with NOTHING!”

Song Lyrics
The people in the other places,
barley had a dime,
We really need to help them,
not to would be a crime.

Dialogue: Teacher ”Good! You’re angry and aware, but what are you going
to do about it!”

Song Lyrics

We can start with some donations
Then begin to spread the news
If all the other people heard
They’d be Social Soldiers too.

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